Learning Algorithms: Is it REALLY Necessary? [Video]

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Learning Algorithms: Is it REALLY Necessary? [Video]

The concept of ''algorithms'' is a central one to computer science, but is it really necessary for new developers to learn about them? Read on to find out more.

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So, some of you really get stuck when it comes to learning algorithms. This might be one of the most asked questions in the programming community. Should programmers learn algorithms? Is it really necessary for a software developer, especially when it comes to doing a good job?

I know this topic divides opinions on the internet. Some programmers might say that learning algorithms will definitely make your career stand out from the crowd, while others might say that you should not invest your time in learning algorithms because it is useless.

So, where do I stand here? I actually think that learning algorithms can definitely benefit your career. This was one of the major game changes for me in my own career.

Wanna know more about learning algorithms and whether you should do it? Watch this video and find out!

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