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Learning Kotlin: Kotlin's Elvis Operator [Snippet]

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Learning Kotlin: Kotlin's Elvis Operator [Snippet]

Check out this code snippet on using Kotlin's Elvis Operator as an alternative to the safe null operator.

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Today, we are going to take a short break from the Koans and look at a cool trick that I learned. Previously, we learned about the safe null operator, but that only helps when calling functions or properties of objects.

fun ifDemo1(name:String?) {
    val displayName = if (name != null) name else"Mysterious Stranger"
    println("HI ${displayName}")

In the above example, we have the name String that could be null. However, the safe null operator can't help here. So, let's look at Kotlin's Elvis operator ?: and what it can do for us:

fun ifDemo2(name:String?) {
    val displayName = name ?: "Mysterious Stranger"
    println("YO ${displayName}")

This is really cool and reminds me of SQL COALESCE, because it lets you test the first value. If it is not null, it returns the first value, else it returns the second value.

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