LedisDB: A High-Performance, Redis-Like NoSQL DB Built in Go

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LedisDB: A High-Performance, Redis-Like NoSQL DB Built in Go

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If you're looking for alternative high-performance NoSQL solutions, you might be interested in this new Redis-esque entry based on LevelDB and written in Go: LedisDB. You can find details on the homepage and grab it from GitHub, but according to the author (on the GitHub page), the key features look like this:

  • Rich advanced data structure: KV, List, Hash, ZSet, Bit.
  • Uses leveldb to store lots of data, over the memory limit.
  • Supports expiration and ttl.
  • Redis clients, like redis-cli, are supported directly.
  • Multi client API supports, including Golang, Python, Lua(Openresty).
  • Easy to embed in Golang application.
  • Replication to guarantee data safe.
  • Supplies tools to load, dump, repair database.

And for a sense of how it stacks up compared to competitors, the author's also provided a benchmark:

It looks like a pretty interesting project for Redis users or Golang believers. Check out the full site for all the details.


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