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Legitimate Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

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Legitimate Expectations from Upcoming iOS 9

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Let’s check a fact sheet at first place before diving into the what are upcoming features and functionality in iOS 9.

Since its first iOS release, Apple had taken the seat of the leader of innovation and technologies. Fascinating use of modern upcoming technologies to offer the best user experiences was motto of the company and Steve Job had nurtured it beautifully with his charismatic personality. In due course, Apple was releasing each new iOS version with more and more features and functionality that nowhere available along with the best user experiences and flexibility.

Erroneous Approaches

Unfortunately, this approach was boomeranging in the market when users have to spend their hard-earned bucks on its new devices in order to fulfill its compatibility requirements. At first instance, it seemed that Apple is a proprietary platform and want to extract more money by releasing new version of software and hardware in a synch manner. However, it was not whole truth and majority of its users have not any objection to spend more if it is delivering the best quality available in the market.

Stability and Performance oriented Strategies

It was the innovation policy of the Apple, which was leading it to go for the new version and obsolete the previous. However, bringing innovation in product is good marketing strategy, not a mistake. In fact, the mistake is that when you add a new feature makes it stable and enhances it further in the next version. Fortunately, Apple has realized it soon and decided to change its strategies for upcoming iOS 9 release.

Now, its policies are focusing the stability and performance by optimizing the last and the latest version, iOS 8 and its compatibility with the latest hardware releases, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Moreover, its strategies are encompassing to make operating system more manageable.

Some Great Expectations from iOS 9

In due course, iPhone app development  team at Mindinventory has speculated some upcoming iOS 9 features:

  1. Instance access of all notifications and take appropriate action is one of the demands for notification feature front. Therefore, Apple is presumably going to deliver Actionable Push Services in iOS 9.

  2. Multitasking and split screen features are desired features, but anyhow Apple has postponed until the last version. Therefore, upcoming version should have it all.

  3. Real time accessibility of business and office apps are mandatory in iOS 9, as rival platforms already favoring it.

  4. Power saving mode and prohibiting background apps to drain battery during inactive period may prove an attractive feature for battery savors and in iOS 9, it is much desired.

  5. Google Map has beaten iOS Maps in early days, but now it is time to correct the previous bugs and mistakes in iOS 9 version for location evangelists 3rd party apps and developers.

  6. Similar to GPS, weather app that was launched at the time of iOS 7 now need refresh approaches and better performance on both kinds of iOS devices including iPad.

  7. The same story is repeating for control center that first included in iOS 7, now needs custom approaches to honor the choices of users and let users to use shortcuts to operate or toggle between various modes and functionality.

  8. Cloud computing is becoming trendy and iCloud drive app, which was introduced in iOS 8 needs advancements and better file management in iOS 9.

  9. Authentication is directly related to security and it is always a sensitive issue for iOS developers. Therefore, our iOS app development team expects that Apple IDs should merge into a unique ID and enhance the security. Besides these, they also expect that there should be password protected app feature in coming iOS 9 so who don’t wish to use Touch ID support in their app development can offer alternate security features.

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