Let There Be Open Source: The First Roundup (With a Question From Editorial)

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Let There Be Open Source: The First Roundup (With a Question From Editorial)

Take a look at some of the top articles and editors favorites from the past month, as well as a call to action from your (we hope) beloved editorial team.

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It could be that it's just because this is the first Zone that I've seen from inception to opening, and that I'm moderating it, but I'm really excited that this Zone is finally...well, open. We're getting some great content in, and I really hope that you all have taken a liking to what has been published (if not, tell us what you want to see, or better yet, write it and sent it in!). 

So for this first Roundup, I thought I'd forgo a formal theme and just give you guys a simple and straightforward overview of what we've got so far. Take a look, and don't forget to read all the way through to get to the question at the bottom!

Rising to the Top

From the depths of our database, these are the articles that rose above the rest and won the greatest number of peering DZoner eyes. Check them out!

  1. Linux as a Desktop by Vincenzo Caselli — Take a look at how Linux finally won this developer over, and the modifications he made to make Linux suit his needs.
  2. Debugging with Git by Kristina Pomorisac — Whether you are sure of where commit went wrong, completely confused, or somewhere in the middle, here are three ways to debug.
  3. Git Tags: Version Control Made Easy by Kristina Pomorisac — Git tags are a simple and effective way to make sure you can keep track of the different versions of your code, and an important quality of Git's version control.
  4. 6 Open-Source SIEM Tools by Daniel Berman — Although no SIEM tools have it all, here is a list of the top six SIEM and security tools that you can use in your stack.
  5. Terminal Transparency [Comic] by Daniel Stori — Personalizing your environment is key, and making your Terminal transparent offers a lot of benefits. And maybe one or two drawbacks.

Editor's Grab Bag

If you've read one of my other round-ups, you know that I like to be a little selfish in my round-ups. So here are some of the articles that I took a personal interest in, and hopefully, you do, too.

Will Linux (Finally) Win the Desktop War Because No One Else Cares? by Chris Ward

And here I thought that Linux was the Holy Grail of OSs for developers who didn't really care for either Windows or iOS. Apparently, though, there is some contention about whether Linux enthusiasts are really still down for the cause.

Think Open-Source Software Is Free? Think Again... by Jeff Luszcz

It's no secret that organizations and enterprises big and small are incorporating an increasing amount of open source components, and they have been for a while. However, the more components that are used, the more difficult it becomes for companies to track OS licenses and ensure they are abiding by them.

Where Developers Stand on Microsoft Acquiring GitHub by Alex McPeak

For some, Microsoft's move to purchase GitHub was a shock; others say they saw it coming. Some were enthusiastic about the move, while others remained skeptical. Check out what the folks at SmartBear have said in their take on the acquisition.

DZone Research: Our Readers and Open Source by Mike Gates

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this report written by one of our own DZone editors. This survey was taken from a collection of DZoners just like you who gave us a better idea of what open source means to devs and what they look for in open source content and software. 

Recent Pubs

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Don't forget to download our recently-published Open Source Guide and take a look at some of the expert opinions, insights, and projects about open source from some of our most distinguished contributors. Some of the topics include a brief overview of the history of open source, tips for your first OS project, insights from industry executives, and much more! Download your free copy here.

An Inquiry from the Editorial Team...

So, I don't normally do this, but I told the rest of my team that I would pose this question to you all to get some soft feedback. First, some background: in our weekly team meeting last week, we were discussing how we can make this Zone more appealing and interactive for you all. We were throwing around some ideas, like perhaps a Github repository integration or a weekly opening for those of you working on OS projects to ask for contributors. Or maybe there is a third option that one of you could suggest that might be even better. 

Either way, we want your feedback. Help us help you. If you have any suggestions on what possible other content types you would like to see in this Zone, or want to sound off on either of the above suggestions, leave a comment or shoot me an email at andrelm@dzone.com. Thanks everyone!

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