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Let's Create Your First Angular 2 App [Video]

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Let's Create Your First Angular 2 App [Video]

Looking to get your feet wet with Angular 2? Check out this video on how to quickly get going with developing Angular 2 applications!

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Angular 2 got released and so it's the perfect time to try it out. I totally understand it might be difficult to get started, but it doesn't have to. In this video, I'll take you by your hand and guide you step by step through the process of creating your first Angular 2 application.

This video will very shortly guide you through creating a state of the art Angular 2 application. In this ~50 min screencast, you will learn..

  • how to generate a new Angular 2 project using the Angular CLI
  • about Angular Modules, what they do and what they are good for
  • about components, why everyone is talking about them and how to create them with Angular
  • about how to style a component
  • how the data typically flows throughout your Angular components
  • about the difference between stateful and stateless components
  • about how to get data from your user, by using Angular Forms
  • what RxJS is all about
  • about Angular services and
  • the Angular http library

But enough talking — let’s code!!

You can download the source code I use in the video from my repository.

If you rather want to know what Angular 2 is all about and why it is so special, then you may want to check out my “Angular 2 - A Getting Started Guide for Beginners”.

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