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Lets Document the Open Source API (Java)

We Intend to document few open source projects and commit the documentation back to the community. This way the open source project benefits. The final documentation will be approved by the contributor of the specific project. We would like to utilize this information to carry out research.

We use Amazon Mechanical Turk to carry our research. This research falls under the umbrella of Software Engineering. We were inspired by the paper “How do the professional developers comprehend Software” ICSE 2012 Best Paper. This research is to extend the work carried out by the author.

Please take out some time to help the community for this. We appreciate the time and effort spent by you.

Please visit the Task at Amazon Mechanical Turk. Become a member and start contributing. Please note at present we have put one open source project i.e. Apache Drill. Going forward we would study different types of projects. And we would like you to participate in it.

In our approach we provide a Full class and a method. You need to document the method based on the source code on the site. Each method documented properly rewards you.

Login to ‘Amazon Mechanical Turk’ (https://www.mturk.com/mturk/) as a worker. Find qualifications containing Java and give the ‘Java Documentation Test’. After qualifying, find the hit containing Java and please accept the hit and document the method body.

Thanks in Advance!

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