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Let's Talk APIs and Prototyping [Video]

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Let's Talk APIs and Prototyping [Video]

A developer evangelist sat down with two product managers at SAP who work with their integration teams to discuss what's new in the space.

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Last week I did a CodeTalk with Ian about the API Hub integration with SAP Build. It's really cool to see how SAP is integrating real-world data objects into their prototyping. It's so helpful as a developer to know what the data structure is going to look like at design time. Less rework!

Now I can chat with Ian, write a blog post about how it all works, and even create a tutorial so you try it out yourself (if you are looking for those resources, I combined them all here for you!), but why don't we go to the source?

Part of the job of a Developer Evangelist (that's me!) is to be a bridge between the developer community and SAP's product management groups. So I thought, 'wouldn't it be great if I could pull back that curtain and give a little insight into what's on the PMs' minds?' I get to work with them on a regular basis, but here's your chance to catch up with them too!

So this week, I sat down with an SAP Build Product Manager and VP to answer some question I have about SAP Build, and, hopefully, they answer some questions you had too. Take a look!

Here are some of the key learnings I took from talking with Ben and Santosh:

  • SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge integration with BUILD: Create new IoT scenarios and deploy them to the IoT Bridge without touching a line of code! This is great for enabling your developers who have little to no coding experience to use some of the latest technologies available. The IoT custom control or cards are available out of the box in SAP Build.
  • SAP API Business Hub integration: As I have mentioned a couple time because I'm so excited about it, this integration in SAP Build enables you to prototype your applications using real-world data structure. Limit the amount of re-design and re-work by using the right data structure from the start!
  • Integration with external collaboration tools: Good design is all about getting good feedback and reaching the right audience. BUILD's integration with Slack enables you to share your prototype on one of the most common collaboration tools used today. While this integration has been around for a while on SAP Build, they're always working on making it better to get to a true collaborative state!
  • Code generation keeps getting better: This is key for taking your prototype to a productive app in even less time. While it's still important to performance test your application, the BUILD team has been working closely with the SAPUI5 team to make sure they are following best practices and generating efficient UI5 code.

Also, a big thank you to Ben Ceaser and Santosh Kikkeri for taking the time to sit with me and answer all my questions!

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