Let’s Talk DevOps and Drawbacks

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Let’s Talk DevOps and Drawbacks

DevOps can increase efficiency and speed, but not on its own. Let's look at the realities of DevOps adoption and the current DevOps model.

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DevOps promises to bridge IT and development teams to build, test, and ship software, so what’s not to love? Despite claiming to increase efficiency and create faster cycle times, DevOps does not automatically foster collaboration between development and operations teams.

When teams are culturally siloed, making DevOps a reality can be a problem for businesses. Recently, GitLab Solutions Architect Victor Hernandez discussed how the current model of DevOps impacts a company’s workflow and delivery time.

What's in the Webcast

To understand the consequences of an unsuccessful DevOps adoption, we examine a cautionary tale and explore the reality of DevOps, including a trip through nine deployment dysfunctions. We wrap up the webcast with a discussion of common barriers and offer three ways organizations can move towards a smoother transformation.

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Key Takeaways

Adopting a DevOps model can be a challenging task for any organization, but there are three basic building blocks to help you prepare for a successful implementation of DevOps practices.


There needs to be a culture of collaboration between development and operations teams.


Organizations should take care to develop reliable and repeatable processes that are implemented through technology.


By selecting tools that automate repeatable processes and create environments for deployments, organizations can streamline their efforts.

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