Last day to take 50% off All Manning Books for DZone Members

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Last day to take 50% off All Manning Books for DZone Members

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Limited Time! 50% off All Manning Books for DZone Members

DZone has arranged with Manning Publications to offer you an amazing deal on Manning books. Through February 3, 2009, you can save 50% in any purchase at Manning. Just use coupon code refcardz50 when you check out at www.manning.com.

You already know that DZone Refcardz are a handy at-a-glace reference for the technologies you depend on, like Spring, Hibernate, and Silverlight 2. You may not know that many Refcardz were written by the bestselling authors of books from Manning Publications.

Manning books are available in three formats.

Manning Early Access Program (MEAP)

MEAP books are available to purchase and read as they're being written. Purchase the MEAP + Print or MEAP + Ebook, and start reading now. You can download new chapters as they become available, and we'll send the final print or ebook when it's finished. Current top-sellers in MEAP include:

OSGI in Action
Learn modular Java development using OSGi from the ground up.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
Inside JavaScript wisdom from the Ninja himself, John Resig.

Dependency Injection
A deep dive into this key pattern for software development, with examples in Google Guice.

Android in Action
A clearly-written introduction to Google's emerging mobile development platform.

Grails in Action
A Groovy way to build super-stable web apps.

ASP.NET MVC in Action
Master the biggest development in ASP.NET-the brand-new MVC framework.

Print paperback

Manning has dozens of books available in print, including bestsellers like:

iPhone in Action
A comprehensive introduction to native SDK and web development for the iPhone.

C# in Depth
Author Jon Skeet takes you beneath the surface to explore C# features and techniques that will make you a more powerful programmer.

Spring in Action, Second Edition
A detailed guide to Java development using Spring Framework.

Hibernate Search in Action
Build enterprise-class search functionality for your Hibernate-based apps.

JBoss in Action
Covers jBoss 5 from installation to application deployment.

jQuery in Action
Learn this super-hot JavaScript framework that will make you instantly productive.

PDF ebook

Most Manning books are also available as downloadable PDFs. Choose from books like:

Collective Intelligence in Action
Build Java web apps that learn from the clues readers leave behind.

Zend Framework in Action
Finally, a stable, high-quality development framework for PHP!

EJB 3 in Action
An in-depth guide to EJB 3 for JEE developers at any level.

Java Persistence with Hibernate
This second edition of Hibernate in Action teaches you ORM in Java from the ground up.

LINQ in Action
Master the latest data access technology from Microsoft, with examples in C# and VB.NET.

iText in Action
Hands-on techniques to manipulate PDF using Java-from iText creator Bruno Lowagie.


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