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[Limited Time] The TFS 2013.2 RC Upgrade Weekend is Coming

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[Limited Time] The TFS 2013.2 RC Upgrade Weekend is Coming

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Team Foundation Server, SharePoint Server, .NET, and SQL Server - Get Ready for TFS 2013.2 (Update 2) RC Upgrade Weekend


Are you excited about Team Foundation Server 2013.2 (Update 2) RC?

Are you comfortable running pre-release software in production?

If so, you might want to consider scheduling your TFS upgrade forFriday February 28th and Saturday March 1st. During those days, Microsoft experts will be standing by to help support you in the event that you have questions or something goes wrong.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Upgrade Weekend, please visithttp://aka.ms/TFSUpgradeWeekend to complete a brief registration survey. This survey will remain open until February 26th, 2014. Please contact VSEAP@Microsoft.com if you have any questions about this offer.

Here are some reasons to consider upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2013.2 (Update 2) RC:

  • Work Item Tagging
    • Query on tags – You can now write and save work item queries containing tag clauses.
    • Tags in VS – Previously tags could only be assigned/used within the TFS web UI.
    • Tag permission – Now you can control, with a permission, who can create new tags.
    • Edit Tags in Excel – Now when you are managing a list of work items in Excel, you can include the tags column, edit it and publish the tags changes back to TFS.
  • Backlog Management
    • Perf improvements – Navigating between the backlog, sprints, etc is MUCH faster.
    • Non-working days – You  can define you’re non-working days (weekends, for most of us) and we’ll exclude them from the burn down calculation.
    • Configurable start date for cumulative flow diagram – Now you can define what date to start the diagram.
  • Charting
    • Pin charts to project home page – You can now pin a chart to your project homepage so everyone can see it when they visit your project.
    • Customize chart colors – Maybe not a huge deal but very nice.  Now you can select what colors you want to use in your charts.
  • Export Test Plan to HTML
    • You can now export your test plan to HTML for offline reading/sharing, printing, etc.  You can choose the level of detail you want to include in the document.
  • Release Management
    • We added a new concept of “Tags” that enables you to tag deployment targets.  Tags can be used to treat a set of machines the same.
  • Git Improvements
    • Annotate – The annotate (aka blame) feature in Visual Studio has been updated to support Git.
    • Amend – You can now update your most recent local commit from within VS just like the “git amend” command line allows.
    • Push to multiple remotes – Team Explorer now recognizes multiple Git repos and allow you to select which remote you want to push to/pull from.
    • Revert a commit – You can now easy “rollback” a commit in the event you checked in something that you’ve decided that you really don’t want.
    • Progress with cancellation –You now have the ability to cancel long running Git operations.
  • And of course, bragging rights for being on the newest version of Team Foundation Server!

..." [GD: Post Leached almost in full]

That last upgrade weekend seemed to good well, so I heard and read, well enough it looks like that they are going to have another! If you're a cutting edge kind of TFS shop, there's little better deal than taking part in this upgrade weekend. You'll get personal help, support and advice... free!

NOTE! It looks like you don't even have to already be on TFS 2013 RTM!

Here's a snap from the survey;


Also I guess that makes it pretty clear that we're going to be getting the 2013.2 RC about than too... :)

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