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Links You Don't Want to Miss (2013/04/15)

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Links You Don't Want to Miss (2013/04/15)

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“It’s Not a Web App. It’s an App You Install From the Web.”

The makers of the truly exceptional Forecast lay out their guidelines for building a mobile (yes) web app that feels smoothly native:

When creating a web app you should avoid replicating the default iOS styling and interactions. This includes button and list styles, transitions, animations, and standard information views. Mobile apps are tactile experiences, and even the least savvy of users form an intuitive understanding of how the default OS should feel, and will notice even tiny deviations from the real thing. By simply avoiding having your app feel “wrong,” you’re most of the way there already. And by giving users something new, they won’t know when it’s not quite right.

A Blog Has One of the Highest ROI’s of Anything You Can Do

Although this is geared a little more toward non-technical folks, this is good advice for anyone in the tech industry.  Having a blog and being syndicated is one of the best career moves you can make.  I should know, I work with bloggers all day.What Really Motivates Us to Work
A nice distillation of 3 key points about what makes us want to work hard and what we value about our work.  The link to the full presentation is also on that post.


Rumour: AMD to unleash 5GHz CPU

This could be interesting news, but before we get excited about it we want to know whether or not they’re lengthening the pipeline.

Androids on a Plane

A pilot and white hat hacker recently conducted an experiment proving that he could hijack aircraft with an app on an Android phone.


A computer program that learns to play classic NES games. Okay, so this was an April Fool’s joke, and that time has kind of passed, but it’s still funny.


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