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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/13)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/13)

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Python at Netflix
At Netflix, engineers are allowed to use whatever technologies they feel are best suited to their current project, and more and more often, they’re choosing Python. This post lists many of the current projects using the language, and also mentions open source tools that Netflix devs rely on, including CherryPy, Bottle, boto, scipy, python-memcached, Envoy, Paramiko, and pycassa.

Seven Lines, Three Minutes
Matthew Might’s fantastic guide to implementing a programming language from scratch explains computing basics by teaching you to build a tiny, Turing-equivalent language.
(via John Cook’s daily CompSciFact)

TDD: Good For Training, But Not a Requirement
Some developers have a test-first mentality, while others don’t think about code that way.  Is either side doing a major disservice to themselves or more likely to write worse code?


Draft Looks to Bring Version Control to the Word Processor
Nate Kontny’s new Draft web app, launched today, takes a stab at building a more contemporary word processor. Draft provides in-depth version control, syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive, exports in John Gruber’s Markdown syntax, and offers writers the services of human copyeditors.

Socialize Your Code with Runnable
Runnable allows you to edit, run, and share code in your browser. It currently supports Node.js and JavaScript, with Python, Ruby, Android, and PHP coming sometime soon.

Microsoft Shares (Some) Kinect Source Code
You can now get access to snippets of Kinect source code without using the official toolkit.


A Heroku Engineer Gets Engaged to a Girl Named Ruby
This is adorable. An engineer at Heroku finds love when he meets a woman named Ruby. 

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