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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/16)

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The DevOps Zone is brought to you in partnership with HPE.  Learn about the seven KPI’s that create the foundation of DevOps metrics and how it continues to evolve as the DevOps Methodology becomes more engrained in enterprises.  

Boston Red Cross
You can donate here if you like.

The International Space App Challenge
An international collaborative effort to solve challenges in space and on Earth, like syncing Nasa’s open source projects, expanding the Arduino-based Ardusat open satellite platform, and creating a poultry management system. It’s more than international, in fact: folks will be working on this in places ranging from the International Space Station to Kentucky to Singapore to McMurdo Station in Antarctica.


Learning CoffeeScript
A beautiful CoffeeScript tutorial site with heavy emphasis on interactivity. Take a look at how any JavaScript will look once you translate to CoffeeScript.

Netflix on Moving to HTML5 Video
Since Silverlight will be deprecated in 2021, Netflix needs an alternative. This post on their tech blog details their proposed move to HTML5.

Scaling at Pinterest
Pinterest architects Yashwanth Nelapati and Marty Weiner consider wrongs turns taken and lessons learned as Pinterest scaled to tens of billions of pageviews, discussing their switch from MongoDB to Redis and Memcache, and choosing Solr over ElasticSearch because ElasticSearch had problems at their scale.


Ninety-year-old uses the Oculus Rift (video)
“Am I still sitting there?” It’s easy to get a little cynical when every gadget is supposedly magical. But sometimes technology really does create some magic.

The DevOps Zone is brought to you in partnership with HPE.  Discover the Top 5 predictions for DevOps and the central role they will play as enterprises begin to modernize legacy applications.


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