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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/25)

The Performance Zone is brought to you in partnership with New Relic. Quickly learn how to use Docker and containers in general to create packaged images for easy management, testing, and deployment of software.

Google’s Own Performance Checklist for Mobile Web Apps
According to Google, this slide deck was from a presentation subtitled “40 minutes of awesome”. I don’t doubt it.

Connecting an iPad Retina display to a PC
This guy took a Retina display from an iPad and hooked it up to work as a PC display. In this blog post, he shows you how!

Rapid Twitter Bootstrapping
LayoutIt comes recommended from Addy Osmani for drag-and-drop web prototype building using Twitter Bootstrap components.

How the Web is Regressing
Here's an interesting piece on how the demise of Google Reader is a symptom of the way we have regressed in our engagement with news on the web.


Ngnix 1.4 Blasts Off
The ever-more-popular Ngnix web server has reached a major new version this week. Check out the new features.

More Phenomenally Comprehensive Framework Benchmarks
We linked TechEmpower’s massive web framework performance benchmarks post a few weeks ago and now they’ve posted round three with even more frameworks (covering the gamut of programming language ecosystems and making cross-ecosystem comparisons) and more community advice taken into account.


NASA has a sophomoric sense of humor
Unintentional or not, this shape that NASA’s Curiosity rover drew in the sands of Mars is pretty humorous-looking, if you can’t get your mind out of the gutter.

The Performance Zone is brought to you in partnership with New Relic. Read more about providing a framework that gets you started on the right path to move your IT services to cloud computing, and give you an understanding as to why certain applications should not move to the cloud.


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