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Links You Don't Want To Miss (5/15)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (5/15)

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Mazes, AI, and Pathfinding
Two ways through a maze, or more specifically, two pathfinding solutions. One allows the robot to see the entire maze, including entrance and exit, while the other assumes that the tunnels are concealed from the robot.

The Elusive Universal Bytecode
Alon Zakai of Mozilla argues that a universal bytecode is within reach. Not only that, but “we already have what practically amounts to a bytecode VM in our browsers.”


The Twin Prime Conjecture Has a Partial Solution
Mathematician Zhang Yitang of the University of New Hampshire in Durham has worked out a solution to an old question: Are there an infinite number of prime companions?

Warren Spector, Blizzard’s Paul Sams to Lead Game Academy
The University of Texas at Austin has signed on Warren Spector and Blizzard COO Paul Sams to lead a game creation academy at the university, to start classes next fall.


Create JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby.

Automating Development Environments
Both a call-to-arms and a howto for environment automation: “Vagrant + Chef + Vim/Emacs + SSH-in to VM + tmux = only configure your editor/*nix env once, no dev/production pain, repeatable deploys, common env across team.”


This is the Sound of Sorting
Not a Skrillex remix (yet), but a sonic representation of various sorting algorithms:

Always Always Always Me Me Me

A number of articles on the self-centeredness of younger folks have been making the rounds lately, so Atlantic writer Elspeth Reeve runs through the hundred-year history of lazy media generalizations about “me” generations. A choice bit from 1907 complains of the “latter-day cult of individualism; the worship of the brazen calf of the Self."

The Startup Game
The west coast tech startup fantasy rendered in retro pixels. Best part might be the riff on the Sega logo.

12 Best Practices for Modern Data Ingestion. Download White Paper.


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