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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

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Everyone should learn to program, but not everyone should be a programmer.
John Sonmez offers his perspective on the recent “everyone should learn to program!” craze. His perspective: programming is a valuable thing to learn which everyone should be fluent in (like reading and writing), but not everyone is cut out to be an ‘actual’ programmer.

Principles of Software Engineering - Part 1
Here's a thoughtful discussion of one developer's experience as a software engineer that begins with a definition of software engineering and grows into a review of some useful principles of good development.

Stack Exchange is winning the internet and this is not a good thing
From this article: “This extremely efficient mechanism for finding out the exact answer to your question is creating a generation of very efficient, but perhaps not entirely well rounded developers who can churn out code very quickly but perhaps don’t understand the code as well as they should.”

A NoSQL Index for Your MySQL Index
See how Flikckr made a secondary Redis index for all of their denormalized contact data.


GitHub has a new logo
Don’t be surprised if you log in to GitHub and are greeted by a new face. GitHub has updated its branding.

Google Glass App Makers Can’t Display Ads or Charge Money
Google’s recently released guidelines for third-party Glass apps -- or “Glassware” -- prohibit paid apps and advertising, in a move likely meant to calm fears that Glass will just mean constant ads on our eyeballs.


What it Means to be a Programmer

"on Infinite Loops" by Three Panel Soul

In three panels...

Cool Stuff

Buy Postage from the Command Line
We’ve all been there before -- hacking away in the command line, wishing we could buy stamps. Now there’s an API for just that from EasyPost. 


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