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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

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Links You Don't Want to Miss: Apr. 17

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Everyone should learn to program, but not everyone should be a programmer.
John Sonmez offers his perspective on the recent “everyone should learn to program!” craze. His perspective: programming is a valuable thing to learn which everyone should be fluent in (like reading and writing), but not everyone is cut out to be an ‘actual’ programmer.

Principles of Software Engineering - Part 1
Here's a thoughtful discussion of one developer's experience as a software engineer that begins with a definition of software engineering and grows into a review of some useful principles of good development.

Stack Exchange is winning the internet and this is not a good thing
From this article: “This extremely efficient mechanism for finding out the exact answer to your question is creating a generation of very efficient, but perhaps not entirely well rounded developers who can churn out code very quickly but perhaps don’t understand the code as well as they should.”

A NoSQL Index for Your MySQL Index
See how Flikckr made a secondary Redis index for all of their denormalized contact data.


GitHub has a new logo
Don’t be surprised if you log in to GitHub and are greeted by a new face. GitHub has updated its branding.

Google Glass App Makers Can’t Display Ads or Charge Money
Google’s recently released guidelines for third-party Glass apps -- or “Glassware” -- prohibit paid apps and advertising, in a move likely meant to calm fears that Glass will just mean constant ads on our eyeballs.


What it Means to be a Programmer

"on Infinite Loops" by Three Panel Soul

In three panels...

Cool Stuff

Buy Postage from the Command Line
We’ve all been there before -- hacking away in the command line, wishing we could buy stamps. Now there’s an API for just that from EasyPost. 

Connect any Java based application to your SaaS data.  Over 100+ Java-based data source connectors.


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