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Links You Don't Want to Miss - April 1

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Links You Don't Want to Miss - April 1

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The link in that title will take you to the best ones on video, but here are some others:

Search for Google on Bin

Annoucing Twttr

Netflix Super-Specific Categories

President Obama Helps Raise Funds for National Debt Repayment on Crowdtilt

SoundCloud Drop-o-meterGlass Bottomed Planes

ThinkGeek Fake Products

BMW Makes a Stroller

Google+ Emoticon Picture TaggingGoogle Analytics and Extraterrestrial TrafficToshiba Makes a Console

Minecraft 2.0

Strikingly Cloud: Bottled Water from Clouds

Back in My Day, We Used Ovens for Debugging!
This is a story about debugging in 1986, back when some bugs were temperature-dependent.  So, fixing them required the use of an oven.

Explore a Japanese Nuclear Ghost Town
Via Google Maps. You can also go to Mars, today. You know. If you’re in the mood.

Your Code May Work, But It Still Might Suck


ZFS on Linux: Ready For Wide-Scale Deployment
An old friend from the labs of Sun Microsystems, the ‘Zettabyte File System’, is purportedly “ready for wide scale deployment on everything from desktops to super computers,” according to the developers who just released ZFS on Linux 0.6.1.  And no, ZFS doesn’t need a fsck.

Is Apple Going to Make a Game Controller?
Maybe! They reportedly took meetings at GDC under an assumed name to talk about that very thing. Seems like a good (albeit un-Jobs-ian) move, too. Suppose a forthcoming Apple TV ran iOS, and used the same controller as the iPad and iPhone for games that work better with physical controls. All of a sudden you’ve got a game platform with tons of content that’s neither mobile nor living room-based...


Web Designers vs. Web Developers

“Put these CSS definitions into your co-workers’ Custom.css file. They will be applied to every website they visit as well as their developer tools. They are commented out by default, so make sure to uncomment your favourite ones!“

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