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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 3)

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Building an underground railroad
Incredible pictures from a massive infrastructure project deep underneath New York.

Joss Whedon’s commencement speech
I wouldn’t usually link to a commencement speech, because commencement speeches almost universally suck, but Joss Whedon proved that he can do pretty much whatever he wants by delivering one that was witty and wise and started off by telling graduating seniors at Wesleyan that someday they will die.


Flask Needs Your Help 
...for early Python 3 support testing.

Farmers learn to love Arduino
How some farmers are embracing DIY tech culture and tools to automate their agriculture.

Introducing Fishbike
An attempt to harness the power of pure procedural programming.


Circuit-board beasties
Intricate, beautiful animals created from circuit-boards by Yo Az. Check out the entire collection -- it's hard to pick a favorite.

ASUS releases 3840 x 2160 resolution, 140 ppi display
This new monitor purportedly has as many pixels as four HD displays stacked next to each other. It’s coming out next month but there’s no word yet on exact pricing. So, possibly as much as four HD displays stacked next to each other.

First high-res images of a molecule breaking and reforming chemical bonds
If you need something to watch on that super high-def display, maybe you should check out this molecule.

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