Links You Don't Want to Miss (June 11)

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Links You Don't Want to Miss (June 11)

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“Please stop serving .git to the outside world.”
One developer finds too many sites -- including some from the FCC, *chan boards, and a cloud security vendor -- serving up their .git directories to the public, and explains why this is a problem.

Is Wikipedia’s Front Page for Sale?
A look at the tug-of-war between Wikipedia and those who seek to use their format for profit.

Encrypt your Google Chat communications
If you don’t want your Google Chat messages intercepted by the NSA, you and your chat partner can use this tool to encrypt your conversation.


New Mac Pro
The New Mac Pro: will be assembled in the USA, will be twice as powerful as the old Mac Pro and an eighth as big, and looks like Darth Vader’s trash can. 


iOS 7
The new iOS has a “flat” design kind of like Windows Phone, and integrated Bing support. Wait, what?

JDK 8 is Almost Feature Complete
The JDK recently reached milestone 7, where all features and unit tests have been implemented.  


Add a NSA Backdoor to Your Rails App
Here's a github repository that lets you easily add a special panel for NSA agents to monitor your users' data.  Because you and your users have nothing to hide.

Why is Embedding HTML5 Still So Difficult?
The creator of the first major cross-browser compatibility shim for HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags wonders why so many people continue to need it.


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