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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 13)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 13)

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Are Folks without College Degrees the Future of Tech?
In the wake of the PRISM leaks, Anya Kamenetz at Fast Company argues that in the technology sector, traditional academic credentials are becoming a thing of the past.

"Apple Has Set Fire to iOS" 
Marco Arment thinks iOS 7 is going to represent a sort of positive apocalypse for the iOS marketplace, making established-but-stolid apps feel dated and opening up opportunities for innovative developers. 

Shatter a Bear with WebRTC
This stylish Pong-a-like Chrome Experiment is much more addictive than the standard tech demo, showcasing real-time play against a friend or a grumpy bear through WebRTC -- and without extra plug-ins. Smooth, impressive, and weirdly compelling: the Google Developers Blog post on the technologies involved is pretty exciting.

The Code I Did and Didn’t Write
Project management takes a turn for the Taoist. Do by not-doing.


Bitbucket Adds Online Editor
Now Bitbucket users can make edits to files through the web interface rather than, say, cloning a repo to change a line.

AMD Releases Commercial 5 GHz Processor
The GHz Race is back, with AMD’s entry of the first commercially-available 5 GHz processor, the FX-9370.

Build an Arcade Machine with Raspberry Pi
This Adafruit tutorial walks you through building a much too lovely retro arcade machine with the Raspberry Pi.


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