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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 10)

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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 10)

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Java SE - Change in Version Numbering Scheme
Oracle is changing the release numbering scheme for scheduled Java SE releases. This is to avoid confusion renumbering releases following recent increases in security releases.

How Good C# Habits can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits
This article is meant for jQuery users who haven’t bothered to learn the actual JavaScript. When moving from a classical language like C# to JavaScript, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

25 Microchips that Shook the World
From Intel’s 8088 microprocessor to Texas Instruments’ TMS32010 digital signal processor, this article delves into some of the more innovative microchips of the last 50 years. 


US Executive Order for Open and Machine Readable Gov’t Data Release
President Obama issued an executive order furthering the cause of open government data, making it a policy that all government information be “open and machine readable” in its release.

PyPy 2.0 Released
PyPy is a very compliant Python interpreter that today hit its 2.0 release.

New Bill in US Congress to Bring Back Phone Unlocking
As you might expect, a Santa Clara based US representative has introduced a bill to change the DCMA laws to allow phones to be unlocked again, making it possible to change carriers. 

Cool Stuff

Imaging at a Trillion Frames Per Second
This TED video demonstrates a camera that can capture the movement of light in femto-seconds.  


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