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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 22)

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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 22)

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Looking at Memcached 10 Years Later
This week was the 10 year anniversary since the creation of Memcached.  First created for the blog-building site, LiveJournal, Memcached has remained a staple persistence technology.

Kent Beck Tweets JS Struggles
Apparently a lot of smart developers don’t quite understand using “this” in JavaScript.  Martin Fowler had a good comment: “js maturity levels: 1: "I understand 'this'", 2: "I don't understand 'this'", 3: "now I really do understand 'this'". I'm at 2”  Ola Bini didn’t even see a reason to use “this”.

Testers and Developers - Can't We Just Get Along
This writer discusses the prevailing division between two groups who, despite working towards the same goal, often see each other as rivals in the workplace.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Settles the Star Wars vs. Star Trek Debate
In this video, astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson discusses his thoughts on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Kirk vs. Picard.


Unity mobile tools go free for indies and small studios
Unity Technologies is making its mobile tools free to indie and small studios starting. The tools would otherwise cost about $800.

Xbox One Revealed
Just in case you weren’t on the internet at all yesterday, Microsoft has revealed its next-gen gaming system, called “Xbox One.” All I’m wondering is, what will we call the first Xbox now?

The One-Person Product
On the occasion of Yahoo’s Tumblr acquisition, Marco Arment (former Tumblr employee and creator of Instapaper) gives a behind-the-scenes history of the company and its founder, David Karp.


Heckle is Jekyll in Node.js
If you like the Jekyll approach to static sites but aren’t so into using Ruby, might we recommend this open source clone in Node.js? It’s early days, but looks promising.

And Now You Know

Boosting eBook Revenue
Writing an eBook? This blog post shows you a pricing model to help maximize your sales. The trick, apparently, is to allow customers who want to, to pay more!





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