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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 3)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 3)

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Five Ways Data Will Transform Global Agriculture
The G-8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture just finished up, so Modern Farmer brings us five big ways open data is transforming the global agricultural landscape, including collaborative education, water risk mapping, and more.

Obsolete Skills
According to ReadWriteWeb, these ten technology skills -- including Windows XP admin, Flash development, and SEO expertise -- probably won’t win you a job anymore. I think they overstate the case on a lot of their choices, but it’s an interesting exercise in trajectory-charting, and a reminder of how fleeting some tech needs can be.


Java 8 Adds New Features
Mark Reinhold announced on the OpenJDK mailing list that several new features, mainly focused on security, would be introduced into Milestone 7 of JDK 8

Wikipedia Switches to MariaDB
Looking for a database solution similar to MySQL, without actually being MySQL? Wikipedia decided to migrate to MariaDB, a fork of MySQL created by Monty Widenius, creator of MySQL.

Rogue Bitcoin Code Found in Competitive Counterstrike Servers
An employee at E-Sports Entertainment managed to mine $3,713.55 USDwith in-play Counterstrike servers. The company responded by giving its customers a month of premium service for free, donating the Bitcoin value to the American Cancer Society, and matching donations of up to $7,427 to the ACS as well. (via The Escapist)


Just Make the Intern Do It
SitePen’s recently open-sourced Intern testing framework lets you perform JavaScript tests from the browser or node.js.

Ultimate Framework Throwdown, Part 4
TechEmpower has added several new, obscure frameworks to the list and they’ve added a fourth test to their benchmarking process.


Apart from being pretty damn cool on its own, this online text-based adventure game teaches command line basics.

Send your Haiku to Mars
NASA’s accepting submissions for haiku to accompany the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft to Mars this November. Some DZone editorial team entries:

Wants to read some poetry
It’s rocket science

Gets pretty dull there
Better leave some poetry
for one-way tourists

Thanks for the haiku
but Martians generally
prefer slam poets

Robot Insects!
Harvard robotics has achieved flight with tiny robots that mimic the flight of bees. They’re called robobees.


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