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LINQ to Indexed DB

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LINQ to Indexed DB

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Since I started experimenting with the Indexed DB API, I have been searching for a simple way to add, retrieve, change, … data. In the beginning I wrote a little framework that provided some methods to retrieve, add, … data without having to think how to setup a connection. For experimenting this was enough, but when I started to build some demo apps, I noticed a needed a more generic way to do my CRUD operations.

So I start searching the internet for frameworks around the Indexed DB API’s. One project I found very interesting. It was the one of nparashuram. He was started with a Linq 2 Indexed DB Framework. Everything was still very basic, but it was well structured. Also it was only compatible with Firefox and Chrome, but not with the IE prototype and IE 10. So I contacted nparashuram and we decided to keep working on it together.

The framework is based on promises. This way we can easily handle the async calls which the Indexed DB API uses. We also use it as return value of the query you make. This way you can easily decide whether you want to use the complete method or the on progress method when retrieving multiple records. Also I believe this will be a programming model which we will see more and more in the future. Certainly if we want responsive applications.

The framework takes away the complexity of opening a database, creating transactions, … the only thing you need to worry about is how to structure your database and how to query. It also provides a way of creating the database structure while querying. This way you don’t have to create object stores or define the structure. Just inserting data to an object store, the object store will be created if not present.

The code of the framework can be found on codeplex and works as an extension on the jQuery framework. If you have some feature request you can add them here. Or you can contact me if you have some questions about it.

Keep following my blog or codeplex for new features and samples on this framework.


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