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Linux Shell And Music Files

Install software:

sudo apt-get install id3v2 lame cdparanoia abcde normalize-audio vorbis-tools ffmpeg

Rip CD into .wav:

cdda2wav -B -H -D /dev/cdrom -s -x

Rip CD directly into .mp3:

abcde -d /dev/hdc -N -x -o mp3

Rip CD directly into .ogg:

abcde -d /dev/hdc -N -x -o ogg

Convert .wav to .mp3:

lame -h -m j *.wav

Convert .wav to .ogg (quality 7/10 and 128kbps).

oggenc -b 128 -q 7 onefile.wav


normalize-mp3 *.mp3
normalize-ogg *.ogg

From .ogg to .mp3:

ffmpeg -i onefile.ogg onefile.mp3

From .mp3 to .ogg:

ffmpeg -i onefile.mp3 onefile.ogg

Listen mp3 :-)

play onefile.mp3

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