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LiquiBase 1.9.0 Released

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LiquiBase 1.9.0 Released

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You would never develop without your code under version control, why do you develop your database without it?

LiquiBase is a Java-based LGPL database version control system.  It is designed to work with multiple developers across multiple code branchs while support many database systems.  

Major new features in 1.9 include:

  • <modifySql> support
  • <includeAll> support
  • Sybase Adaptive SQL Anywhere support
  • Paths in <include> can be relative to changelog using the "relativeToChangeLog" attribute
  • <stop> change
  • runInTransaction attribute for changeSet
  • Stronger validation in .xsd
  • Better Derby support (drop column, rename column)
  • Bug fixes

If you are using the standard LiquiBase library, upgrading is simply a matter of replacing the liquibase.jar file.   If you are using Grails, Maven, or the IntelliJ plugin, an updated version should be available via standard plugin repository within in the next day.

As usual, make sure you let us know if you have any questions, problems, or ideas.  Also, thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports and patches over the last couple months.

Full announcement at the LiquiBase blog



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