Living on the Edge of a Roo - working on the trunk

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Living on the Edge of a Roo - working on the trunk

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Let's say you're an add-on developer or someone who wants to stay current with the refactorings of Roo 1.2. Since it is in active development, you need to do two things to make your project work with the latest code. Remember, this is bleeding edge, so don't be surprised if your Maven gets ahead of your snapshot builds...

Install the CI build

First, download the most recent build from the CI server at http://static.springsource.org/downloads/nightly/snapshot-download.php?project=ROO Install it as roo in your symlinks (unix/OS X) or add to the path for Windows.

On my OS X system, I call it rooss, and I keep M1 as roo.

Set up your snapshot repo and Roo version

Next, edit your pom.xml file and change the roo.version to 1.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT - the punctuation is very important to Maven here. You'll need to add the Roo snapshots repository to your repository list:

    <name>Spring Roo Repository</name>

Then, you can do a mvn package and you should be on your way.

From http://www.rimple.com/tech/2011/10/18/living-on-the-edge-of-a-roo-working-on-the-trunk.html


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