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log consolidation with log4j2

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log consolidation with log4j2

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log4j, slf4j, logback, commons-logging... I keep wondering which logging strategy I should use.

Recently, I consolidated the logging library for my project to log4j2 . Yes, it's a new version of log4j!

1. My (your) project policy

  • Develop new java/web project.
  • Use log4j2.x logger for new code.
  • The other log that is output through slf4j commons-logging should be also consolidated to log4j2.
  • One configuration file. log4j2.xml
  • Use maven as a build tool.

2. pom.xml

    ... other dependency...

3. src/main/resources/log4j.xml

        <Console name="console">
            <PatternLayout pattern="%d{yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} %-5level %logger{32} %msg%n" />
        <logger name="org.springframework"
              level="debug" additivity="false">
            <appender-ref ref="console" />
        <logger name="com.example.myapp"
              level="debug" additivity="false">
            <appender-ref ref="console" />
        <root level="info">
            <appender-ref ref="console" />

4. Write code

import org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager;
import org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger;
public class Foo {
    private static Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger();
    public void bar(String a, String b) {
        logger.debug("a={},b={}", a, b);

The point of the sample code is place holder, that is new functionality of log4j2.x .

If you wrote the code like 'logger.debug("a=" + a + ",b=" + b); ' , The logging performance will be down. See log4j2 performance for detail.

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