Logalyze as a Local Log Analyzer

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Logalyze as a Local Log Analyzer

This quick tutorial will show you a quick way to analyze your application or server logs with Logalyze.

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As a developer, working on your local setup, if you are looking for a neat way to analyze your application/server logs there are a few options. If you are looking for lightweight alternatives to enterprise tools like Splunk, Logazlyze is an elegant option.            

Here is how you can download, configure & analyze your local logs.


  • JRE/JDK 8+ is installed & JAVA_HOME is set



  • Extract the contents of the archive to your local drive.
  • Start the agent: D:\logalyze-tomcat-4.1.7\bin\startup.bat
  • Start the Admin UI: D:\Programs\Logalyze\logalyze-tomcat-4.1.7\admin\bin\startup.bat
  • Login to Admin 
  • default user     : admin
    default password : logalyze


  • Configure new Collector as below
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