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Look to Other Cities for Transit Inspiration

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Look to Other Cities for Transit Inspiration

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Sometimes the best ideas are the borrowed ones. The Port Authority of Allegheny County is getting input from transit users about how to improve their ride at Forward Thinking. Riders say one of the most important improvements the Port Authority needs to make is creating a reliable scheduling and notification system—in particular, one that keeps people updated on when their buses will arrive. Teresa’s idea is to look to Chicago for inspiration; the sophisticated Bus Tracker there uses texting and an app to let people know whether their bus will be on time.

Congratulations, Teresa, on being picked for this week’s Idea of the Week!

“I know the Port Authority is working on a system to inform riders when a bus is arriving, and I really hope they are looking at something like Chicago’s Bus Tracker system. It’s a very impressive system, and is very helpful. If there isn’t an electronic sign at the stop to let you know (via GPS system on the buses) when the next bus is arriving, you can text and receive the information or use an app on a smart phone. It’s very accurate, and makes commuting on public transit much more convenient.” – Teresa

Check out this great idea: Look to Other Cities for Transit Inspiration


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