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Looking Into DOS And DDOS Attacks

A good guide to what to do when your server is attacked.

top -d2
netstat -nap | grep SYN | wc -l
netstat -nap | less

If there are many httpd processes showing up after step 1, you might be under attack. If you get high numbers for the second one, you are almost definitely under attack. Use the third one to see the IP addresses, and then ban them from the server:

iptables -A INPUT -s ip.address -j DROP

Also try the following for fixing stuff:
cd /dev/shm

And delete anything that's not supposed to be there.

locate bindz
locate botnet.txt
locate dc
locate ex0.pl
locate kaiten
locate r0nin
locate udp.pl
locate ...
lsof | grep .,
locate mybot
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