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Looking Through the Latest McuOnEclipse Components Release

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Looking Through the Latest McuOnEclipse Components Release

McuOnEclipse users rejoice! The latest update includes enhanced support for Sharp Memory Displays, FreeRTOS, and more, as well as numerous bugfixes.

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I’m pleased to announce that a new release of the McuOnEclipse components is available on SourceForge, with the following main features and changes:

  • New Sharp Memory Display Driver supporting 96×96 and 128×128 pixel ultra-low power display.
  • PID_Int can be used without hardware.
  • GenericTimeData has added functions to convert date/time into strings.
  • HardFault can now disable write buffers on ARM Cortex to simplify debugging faults.
  • Folder support for SEGGER SystemView and Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace.
  • Component usage without Processor Expert.
  • NXP MCUXpresso SDK support for FreeRTOS using tickless idle mode and low power timer.
  • Many other smaller bug fixes and enhancements.



The Sharp Memory Displays are supported with a new component:

Sharp Memory Display Methods

Sharp Memory Display methods

Sharp Memory Display Properties

Sharp Memory Display properties

See “Low-Power LCD: Adafruit Breakout Board with Sharp Memory Display” and “Upgrading to Sharp 128×128 Pixel Memory Display” for more details.

Sharp Memory Display 128x128

Sharp Memory Display 128×128


The PID_Int closed loop controller supports now ‘hardware-less’ configuration:



Beside fixing reported issues, there are now functions available to convert time/date into strings:




To better debug ‘imprecise’ hard faults on ARM Cortex-M3/M4/M7, the component has an option to disable write buffers. This impacts performance, but simplifies tracking the cause of the hard fault (see https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-103810):

Disable Write Buffer

Disable write buffer

Percepio trace properties have been re-arranged for easier usage. Additionally, I can now specify where the files shall be generated:

Folder Support for Percepio Trace

Folder support for Percepio Trace

That way I can build a custom folder structure:

Folder Structure

Folder structure

The same for Segger SystemView:

Segger SystemView Folders

Segger SystemView folders

Component Usage Without Processor Expert

If you are not using Processor Expert, you can use the McuOnEclipse library on GitHub without it. For this, there is a project on GitHub that has a set of component source files generated, so you can use the components without Processor Expert too, on any platform. The project contains normal source files:

McuOnEclipse Library Project

McuOnEclipse library project

Besides many other components, the library has now the latest FreeRTOS, Segger SystemViewer and Percepio Trace Recorder components included.

NXP MCUXpresso SDK V2.0 is now supported with FreeRTOS v9.0.0 with optimized task selection, tickless idle mode, low power timer, Segger RTT, Segger SystemViewer and Percepio Trace, all in one package.




The changes are documented on GitHub. The release is available on SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mcuoneclipse/files/PEx%20Components/. See “McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge” how to install the update.

I hope you find the new release useful for your projects.

Happy updating!


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