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Lookout PowerPoint, Bunkr just disrupted presentation

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Lookout PowerPoint, Bunkr just disrupted presentation

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If you missed it, a small French (Yay, France!) software company, Bunkr, just showed us how perhaps the most venerable tool in everyone’s tool chest will be disrupted. You’ll need to go look at it, but before you do, consider these things:

  • The world is moving to rich, visual content, from many sources
  • Bullet points are so 2006
  • Pinboard apps like Pinterest and Pinchit allow us to self-curate our favorite content
  • Most of our presentations are gradual evolutions of ideas and visual content…
  • …and many of our ideas are combinations of evolving, discreet concepts
  • Software as a Service means never worrying about version or compatibility
  • Prezi is cool, for sure, but it requires multiple downloads (ugh, versions AND Flash) and isn’t common

I think we can all agree that something had to give, it’s no surprise that someone came up with a SaaS offering that blends the power of visual with the convenience of content.

Taking a test drive

The initial investment is low and I was able to begin using Bunkr in a few minutes, with two free presentations to get me started without having to pay first. I had a visual, rich presentation up and running in a very short period of time (a few more minutes). The interface is simple and while the font choices may be limited in the freeware version (don’t know if this changes when you pay), do we really need 2,000 fonts to get people to read words on a screen? Let me answer that…no, we don’t.

Look out PowerPoint, presentation, which for most is about curation and filtering of the best content a user can find, just got disrupted.


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