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Love In The Time Of Images

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Love In The Time Of Images

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“Too much love is as bad for this as no love at all.” – Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera.

That famous line from a very famous book talks about the problem of love without boundaries, but it could have been written about the direction we’re maybe heading with ubiquitous video and images. Are videos and images now without boundaries as well?

Tech news has been dominated by Meerkat’s app that allows for tweeting live video (an app Twitter definitely should have built for itself), and it just came out that Visor’s new app allows people to see through the user’s eyes by making requests that can be answered by anyone with a camera phone. The trend tells us that SnapChat and Instagram were just gateway apps. Add a payment app and we’re rapidly reaching a point where we can be an eating, breathing, broadcasting device for hire. I can see several potential issues arising around privacy and security.

Imagine when stalking someone can be outsourced. Imagine the paparazzi having a remarkable, cheap force multiplier. Imagine the ability for bad people take advantage.

Maybe the prediction is a bit dire, but we’re fast approaching a line where we’ll need to make decisions about what’s morally right and what may ultimately make life uncomfortable for others and even ourselves. The problem may not happen right away, but over time we’re likely to see a call for safeguards and other forms of backlash. Either that or like so many other ways we’ve changed to adapt to tech, we’ll just get used to it. We’ll see.


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