Low Code App Development: It's the Next Big Thing, Not the Next Big Hype

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Low Code App Development: It's the Next Big Thing, Not the Next Big Hype

Sometimes, it's hard to tell if a new thing is hyped up or if it's truly the next big thing—but there's hard evidence that low code app development is going to be huge.

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It’s easy to get jaded whenever the tech world suddenly discovers the Next Big Thing. You may have noticed that low code app development is much in the news lately, and wondered whether it’s just hype or the real thing. Low code app development lets people build mobile apps with little hand-coding and custom work, using simple-to-use visual tools. It also allows for custom coding when required.

We’ve got news for you: It’s the real thing, not hype, based on what job sites, salary averages, mainstream media and tech analysts say. The newest piece of evidence comes from Gene Richardson, COO of the Experts Exchange job site for people with tech skills. Richardson predicts that there will be a boom in jobs in 2017 for those with low code development skills. In a discussion on Jon Reeds’ blog at diginomica, Richardson was asked by Reed whether its rosy future is real or not. Richard responded:

“I actually think it has already taken off. We have probably just used different terms up until now or not thought of it as low-code development…If a company is going to keep pace with their competitors, they will need to expand their use of low-code development” tools.

An article just published in the SD Times says the same thing. The article notes the growth of low code app development tools, and goes on to say that they’re finding use not just in mobile app development, but for “the Internet of Things, bots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.” The article cites a recent study by Filemaker in which 82% of respondents say it has led to a reduction in inefficient tasks, and 71% say it has led to an increase in team productivity.

With low code app development tools, mobile apps can be created by line of business staff and domain experts, who have the business knowledge but not the development background for app development. Many people believe these so-called “citizen developers” are the future of mobile development. Gartner analyst Jason Wong told SearchMobileComputing that “by 2020, 70% of enterprise mobile apps will be developed without IT involvement.”

To read more about low code app development, read my blog, Low Code App Development: Your Cure for the App Developer Shortage.

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