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LWE 2.0.1 Solr Development Platform Released!

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LWE 2.0.1 Solr Development Platform Released!

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The Solr/Lucene development platform produced by LucidImagination - Home to Solr creator Yonik Seeley and long-time Lucene PMC Grant Ingersoll - has reached a new version today that updates a list of key issues.  The platform, called "LucidWorks Enterprise" is free to download and tinker with for as long as you need to decide whether or not you want to use it in production.  See the news release and link to the software review below.

LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0.1 is an interim bug-fix release. We’ve have resolved couple of critical bugs and LDAP integration issues. The list of issues resolved with this updates are available here.
  • Alerts will now be checked properly if the timestamp of the user has been changed from UTC to a local time zone.
  • LDAP fixes:
    • When switching from built-in authentication to LDAP, users who have set the "Remember Me" option will no longer see an error (the Remember Me option has been removed in 2.0.1).
    • "Queryless" LDAP authentication will no longer cause an error in the UI and will function properly.
    • Users with weak passwords (fewer than 5 characters) will no longer cause an error in the UI.
    • Group names containing spaces are now properly handled.
  • Editing a field used as the destination of a copy from another field will no longer erase the copy defintion.
  • Multi-valued fields are now properly stored as truly multiple values, instead of being concatenated into a single value.
  • If manually editing the configuration for the Data Import Handler, as described in Indexing Binary Data Stored in a Database, modifying the data source from the Admin UI will no longer overwrite the convertType attribute.  Such data sources can now be edited from the UI if necessary.
  • Lucene/Solr patches LUCENE-3575 and SOLR-2829 have been added.


You can download the latest version 2.0.1 here.


If you are running LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 or LucidWorks 1.8 can use the upgrade scripts and move to version 2.0.1.

For those of you running LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0, you can now upgrade to LucidWorks Enterprise 2.0.1 by following the steps outlined here. You can also find this file with your 2.0.1 (.jar and .zip) package as well.

More Resources

Please visit our documentation page for getting started and in-depth review of the product functionality.

You can participate in our forums and share your experiences, questions, and issues. We actively monitor our forums and respond back to help you with using LucidWorks search platform.   -- LucidImagination Blog

Earlier this year Ed Rought wrote a software review of LucidWorks: " From Zero to Searching with LucidWorks Enterprise."  It's based on an older version so there may be some new things that aren't included in that review.

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