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Machine Learning and Smarter Software with PredictionIO

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Machine Learning and Smarter Software with PredictionIO

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Anybody interested in machine learning - particularly more accessible ways to implement it - should take a look at PredictionIO, an open-source machine learning server built on scalable frameworks (Hadoop and Cascading, for example) and intended to help developers create predictive features in their software. 

One example the PredictionIO team provides is an app for food delivery. An in-depth tutorial walks you through the use case and the implementation of a meal recommendation feature, complete with installation processes and code samples. There are also tutorials on MOOCs and Ride-Sharing, if those are more interesting.

The ability to easily analyze and predict user behavior definitely opens up a lot of doors, so check out PredictionIO and see if there's something there for you as far as accessible machine learning goes.

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