Machine Learning in the World of Nuclear Physics [Video]

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Machine Learning in the World of Nuclear Physics [Video]

Find out how TensorFlow applies to nuclear physics in the video below.

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How does TensorFlow apply to nuclear physics? In this video, I chat with Ian Langmore to learn about power generated from nuclear fusion, new plasma generator machines, and how TensorFlow is helping with plasma measurement.

To learn more about what we talked about:

Ian's Reconstructing Fusion Plasmas talk at TensorFlow Dev Summit '18 → http://bit.ly/2JV4cAR

Google AI Blog: So there I was, firing a megawatt plasma collider at work... → http://bit.ly/2yYvhhN

Achievement of Sustained Net Plasma Heating in a Fusion Experiment with the Optometrist Algorithm → https://go.nature.com/2tIZVFW

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