The Incredible Advantages of Combining Ionic and AngularJS Development Services

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The Incredible Advantages of Combining Ionic and AngularJS Development Services

Ionic and AngularJS in tandem provide many benefits for cross-platform mobile app development, like a library of optimized HTML, JS, and CSS tools

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Web development has gone through loads of development over the years. In this time, mobile has changed our way of browsing. The AngularJS Framework based on JavaScript has accommodated developers with useful tools and platforms to develop mobile-friendly applications. AngularJS development companies can now create good quality and dynamic applications using Ionic and AngularJS Framework.

Ionic has turned out to be a boon for developers and development companies. As Ionic is a hybrid mobile application development platform, it has reduced the work for developers. Now developers have to invest less time in coding for the mobile platforms. Earlier developers had to code separately for Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems, but now Ionic has made it easy, as the same code is required for all the mobile platforms. The maintenance cost and development cost and time have been reduced.

Ionic is a front end Software Development Kit (SDK) which is built on the very efficient AngularJS framework. A single code can be used for many mobile platforms.

The Combination of AngularJS and Ionic

Experts say that Ionic and AngularJS is one of the most powerful and perfect matches in the field of web application development.  All the mobile play stores applications are built using this combination.

Ionic comprises a few dozen components with different functionalities. The JavaScript portions of hybrid mobile apps can be built with the help of AngularJS, and Ionic is built using Angular 1.0. Likewise, Ionic 2 works together with AngularJS 2.0.

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Benefits With Ionic

Ionic shows transitions in styling according to the platform in use. It fits itself with the borderline and style of the mobile application platform, which makes the designing and developing part more interesting and innovative. Specifically required guidelines are followed by Ionic accordingly with the platform. The element display is well maintained and the device minutiae are followed. According to the device on which the application is running, the UI and build changes. This is a unique feature delivered by ionic.

A Single Application Over Different Platforms

Ionic presents an entire library of optimized HTML, JS, and CSS tools as it is built upon AngularJS and Sass. A lot of coding and developing processes are discarded due to the amazing and very useful benefit coders through Ionic. One single code is enough to develop a web application and to run it over different mobile platforms. Any application built using Ionic and AngularJS can be accessed through the Play Store and used on different devices like Android, iOS, and Windows. We can experience very interactive, user-friendly and more customizable applications as the technology is advancing using the Ionic platform.

Effortless Components With Ionic

Icons and splash screen creations are very time consuming and tedious tasks to perform. The splash screen and icons need to be created separately according to the devices in use. This takes lots of energy and time as the developers need to consider many parameters like height, width, host, type of device, and density while creating the icons and splash screen. Ionic has made this task easier for developers, as they need not create different icons and splash screens for each device. It just takes the creation of two simple files with png, .psd or .ai extension within the main resource directory and needs to state the template, and the task is done.

Ionic has added more features to work with AngularJS:

• Ionic has a magical feature of developing, testing, and deploying a single application on any platform with only one single command.  This is possible with Ionic’s CLI function.

• Ionic presents a set of readymade components where mobile apps can have different and stylish themes and amazing typography. These styles are very functional and look beautiful. This is possible due to the combination of JavaScript and CSS tools.

• Ionic underscores more local applications running inside Cordova or PhoneGap to deploy applications locally. Ionic gives the best development and deployment using SDK. Ionic application development is already captivating the market for mobile application development.

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