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Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.2 Updates to Eclipse 3.5

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Today the Apache Geronimo team released a new version of its Eclipse plugin.  Version 2.2 of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP) now supports  the latest stable versions of Eclipse (3.5.x) and Geronimo Server (2.2).  The highlights of this new plugin include Database pool management, improved Geronimo deployment plan editors, and new security wizards for security realm.

Apache Geronimo is (in its most popular distribution) an application server for Java EE.  The Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP) provides an integration between Eclipse, its Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project, and Geronimo.  This plugin can be installed through the Eclipse Update Manager, from within WTP, or manually.

Here are some of the major new features and bugfixes in GEP 2.2:

  • The Security Realm Wizard has been added to GEP and it can be deployed directly from the plugin
  • GEP now generates standard JEE deployment descriptors by default
  • The Database pool wizard is now supported in GEP to enable application specific pools
  • When using GEP to convert an application to a plugin, the installation of the plugin won't encounter an error if a prerequisite module is added.
  • EAR files can now be deployed from the Eclipse plugin without an application.xml file
  • Plugins can now be installed directly via GEP
  • The "Next" button and "Back" buttons have been fixed when selecting an application
  • JAXB Classes are now supported for schema geronimo-login-config-2.0.xsd

The Geronimo team has been busy with the release of their 2.2 server version and now the release of GEP 2.2.  The newest version of Geronimo includes GBean annotations, stateful session bean clustering, JASPIC support, centralized plugin management in a cluster, application independent principal-role mapping, and new releases of ActiveMQ and Jetty.  For more info on Geronimo 2.2, check out the documentation on the Geronimo wiki.  The Geronimo wiki has a 5-minute development tutorial for Eclipse and Geronimo.

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