Make 2019 Amazing (With Scrum!) [Video]

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Make 2019 Amazing (With Scrum!) [Video]

A Scrum Master and expert on working with Scrum shares his thoughts on why Scrum is more flexible and adaptable than most people think.

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Dear companion, reader, follower, liker,

As the end of 2018 approaches, I hope that it was as great as mine/ours was. Regardless, work hard to turn 2019 into an amazing year of insightful experiences, challenging encounters, and exciting adventures, both personal and professional.

Look for the value in the Scrum Values, as I shared with the world at the request of my friends of ProAgile in Sweden. May they serve as your compass; guiding you, directing you in your journey of Scrum.

Your independent Scrum Caretaker

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