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Make A Phone Vibrating Periodically

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Make A Phone Vibrating Periodically

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Some of my friends who practise mindfulness meditation
use an alarm device that vibrate every 2 minutes and
he will become mindful then.
Danny O'Brien of Life Hacks fame asked me about this too.
So, here's a short example (without parameter setting GUI)
that does exactly this.

You need to have miso library install. Only Series 60 
2nd Ed FP2 device (Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680) can be used.
See vibrate(...) in miso documentation

import appuifw, miso, e32

# run-and-break type of app
running = 1
def set_exit():
    global running
    running = 0
appuifw.app.exit_key_handler= set_exit

# main loop
while running:
    miso.vibrate(500, 100)  # vibrate for 500 millisec, at full speed
    e32.ao_sleep(10)   # vibrate every 10 seconds

I don't have a FP2 phone to test this. Though the code is
pretty straight forward, please report if there is a problem.

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