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Make your own Native HTML5 and Android App on the fly. No Coding required

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Make your own Native HTML5 and Android App on the fly. No Coding required

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With the growth of smart phone users, it’s no secret that every initiated company, group or individual wants to have a mobile presence, whether you are:

 - Business wanting your company’s profile on the Mobile

 - Celebrity who wants to reach out to his fans

 - Restaurant owner who wants to share his menus, location and take bookings

 - Student who wants to share his notes and interact with his friends

 - Home based chef who wants to share recipes

 - Social Non-Profit Organization who wants to reach out to people for help and support

 - A traveller who wants to share his travelogue with his friends

 - Brands who want to promote their products and offerings

 - Anyone who want to conduct a poll or survey and analyze the results

 - Create customs forms to capture information

 - Promote a short-term campaign 

 - Someone who needs to create a birthday or a wedding event

 - Or organizer to organize an event and want to share the schedules

For a non-developer, the task of getting his App made is daunting because one has to start by first finding any individual or agency that can help them develop. In their pursuit to find a developer for their app, they face multiple challenges such as:

- Finding the right agency

- The cost of developing the App is too high. Usually, its few thousands of dollars per device they want to support i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S40, Tablets etc.

- Even after getting it developed from an external agency, for every small change they have to reach out them which induces delay and ofcourse has a cost associated with it.

- Sometimes there is a need for an App for a short time span e.g. for an event. The sheer cost and time to develop an App is too high, which has short life span or which has to be updated for every event.

Because of the above, the intention of reaching out to people through a mobile device becomes another task on the back burner i.e. one-day-I-will-do-it.

With ShepHertz AppClay - On the Fly Native Android and HTML5 App Generator now you can create your own App in minutes. Its intuitive wizard guides the user to create an App on the fly. With just a few clicks, you are all set to go live with your App. It is as easy as making a PowerPoint Presentation.

AppClay has a comprehensive list of features, which one can choose:

- Supports both HTML5 and native Android App

- Home Page that can contain image and text

- Listing of your products or services

- Audio and Video listing and player

- YouTube integration

- A cool photo Gallery with the ability to have multiple Albums

- Google Maps on which you can set custom markers on your point of Interest

- Have your own Poll and Surveys and analyze the results

- Create Custom Forms e.g. sales enquiry, evaluation, event registration etc. View data filled in your custom form through easy to use Admin Console

- Social Connect with Twitter and LinkedIn

- Contact Us page

- And a easy to navigate Menu


ShepHertz AppClay's endeavour is to give the power and ability of making Apps to everybody. Non-Developers and developers alike, everyone is enabled to go from Idea to launch in minutes.

To get started, you can visit www.shephertz.com/appclay . You can go live with engaging and immersive apps right away.


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