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Making Apps for the Apple Watch - Worth the Investment?

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Making Apps for the Apple Watch - Worth the Investment?

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Here’s the thing. Apple’s iOS Store is the place to go to if you’re trying to develop apps that are purchased by customers. Statistics point out to the fact that iOS store is particularly successful when it comes to making app purchases. On the other hand, Android is successful with a freemium model where users can make in-app purchases.

However, the Apple Watch can change this trend. Android wearables are well into the market and users can do everything from sending mails to playing games in them, or even knowing their heartbeat. Android wearables are plenty in the stables, from Samsung to Motorola coming out with its own smartwatch. The same isn’t with Apple’s Watch – it’s just one of its own – and developers need to ask them if the would have a big enough audience for the apps to reach to.

Experts are worried about the app development for Apple Watch. What adds to the woes is that Apple has not yet provided enough guidance to iOS app developers. Apple watch will be available for users to purchase in the coming months. The major question for developers is to understand is it worth or worthless to develop the apps for Apple watch.

What goes for Apple Watch?

  1. Apple device is more likely to use third party apps. Hence, developer can develop apps for it but they cannot test it until the device is made available.

  2. Apple is inviting major developers to headquarters to test the apps in Apple’s Watch. But apple is clear about starting app approval process only after the device is released.

  3. Major developers like Fandango who has wide base in mobile apps are seeing Apple watch as profitable investment and already into development processes but they are also waiting for Apple to release the device.

Another thing that worries developers is presence of million plus apps on iTunes. It is not easy to get into iPhone app market and cluttering of the iWatch market without a sizeable audience isn’t good.

Developers are increasingly looking at Apple for more information about the device.

Apple is known for its innovation but then, the iWatch is an entirely new product from Apple’s stables. For now, developers might either want to jump onto the bandwagon at the earliest or play the wait and watch game. Developing apps for Apple’s iWatch is probably worth it but developers might want to see the initial response to the devices.

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