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Making employee training fun and effective

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Making employee training fun and effective

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This week has been super interactive with regard to the latest Daily Insight Game released last week. For those who haven’t heard about the buzz, Dr. Eran Gal, has initiated an interactive game to get professionals in the training field to share there top insights about how to make training fun and effective this 2014.

Results are impressive to say the least.

Some of the top industry professionals have joined the game to share there tips and because they are really engaging, I just can’t keep them from you any longer. Mind you, this isn’t the full list of tips and insights, but certainly a great list to get going. If you would like to check out the full list of insights to date, I encourage you to view them here, today.

With that, here are the top 5 tips of the week – making employee training fun and effective.

1. Have a list of ready-to-use training games on hand.
One of my co-workers uses a list of ready-to-use training games to engage the employees and make the experience more fulfilling.
By Bethany McNair

2. Match the evaluation method with real life
Make your evaluation of learner progress realistic to how they will perform the teaks in real life. For example, if you are teaching a student how to change oil, have them change oil instead of just giving a quiz with questions about how to change oil!
By Nicholas Boss

3. Humor is a great way to engage employees.
I agree with Stephanie — humor is a great way to engage employees. We”ve been putting custom cartoon characters to work for all kinds of organizations. The cartoon campaigns are eye-catching and fun and they allow the characters to take on the role of delivering important messages that many employees might typically ignore.
By Denise Reynolds

4. BYOD really works, even more in a classroom experience
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) works, especially with young learners such as students. Student interaction applications such as “Socrative” or “SMS-HIT” will produce a whole new and much more effective formal learning experience. Try it yourself
By Dr. Eran Gal

5. Have a story for every training session
Yes, humor, stories, role play are all good. To add spice I think every session should be a story in its own right. There can be many chapters with different characters playing out to different roles and doing different things to get to complete the mission, individually or as a team!
By Joseph Lim

If you would like to join in, play the game, and share your tips and insights on how to make employee training fun and effective this year, you can begin playing by clicking here.


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