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Making the Entity Framework Fit Your Domain - Part 2

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Making the Entity Framework Fit Your Domain - Part 2

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Wow, I didn't realize when I started this series that it would take me this long to get to part 2. Sorry about that guys (and ladies)! If you have forgotten about the first part of this post, then you can go check it out.

In the first part I talked about getting up to the point where I realized that without going IPOCO I would not be able to use the Entity Framework with any sort of approximation of a real application domain. In this post we are going to go over the entity that I have created and talk about the issues that I had along the way.

In the previous post I showed that in order to create an entity that didn't involve descending from a base class, I would need to implement a class like this:

public class Entity : IEntityWithKey, IEntityWithChangeTracker, IEntityWithRelationships

The first interface "IEntityWithKey" is actually optional, and according to the docs, will decrease performance and increase memory usage. Well, hmmmmm, that makes it sound not so optional anymore, so I went ahead and implemented it.

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