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Making Every Packet Count: Finding Hidden Network Performance Issues

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Making Every Packet Count: Finding Hidden Network Performance Issues

Learn network performance tricks from the best in the business.

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Discover a centralized approach to monitor your virtual infrastructure, on-premise IT environment, and cloud infrastructure – all on a single platform.

Kevin Miller, a senior manager in Amazon EC2's networking department, has some practical advice for finding and fixing hidden problems in your network that could be leading to low performance.

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"Many applications are network I/O bound, including common database-based applications and service-based architectures. But operating systems and applications are often untuned to deliver high performance. This session uncovers hidden issues that lead to low network performance, and shows you how to overcome them to obtain the best network performance possible."

Learn how to auto-discover your containers and monitor their performance, capture Docker host and container metrics to allocate host resources, and provision containers.

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