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Making GitHub Easier to Use

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Making GitHub Easier to Use

See what makes Waffle.io successful as it enables project management for developers using GitHub.

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Great to hear from Andrew Homeyer, founder of Waffle.io an enterprise lean start-up from CA Accelerator during the Build to Change Summit.

Otto Berkes, CTO at CA, introduced Andrew and the operational principles of the CA Accelerator:

  • Maniacal customer focus

  • Small, incremental investments

  • Rapid experimentation and iteration

  • Learn and pivot quickly

  • Staged evaluation and disciplined governance following lean principles

  • Monthly “pivot, pause, persist” reviews – 3P reviews

  • Minimize cost

  • Drive focus

  • Increase odds of success

  • Generate business value by generating customer value

Only 15 ideas have been accepted into CA Accelerator internal software incubator program in the 12+ months it's been active. Only about 20% of pitches are pursued.

Andrew talked about how Waffle.io had been successful inside, and now outside, the CA Accelerator. We thought about where the puck will be tomorrow. We thought about how software teams work and how we can make it easier for them.

According to Marc Andreessen, "software is eating the world." Consequently, software developers are eating the world. There are now 24 million software developers worldwide.

Project management tools work well for project managers. They help teams understand the why. However, developers need more to understand the status of their work. So they developed Waffle to help developers understand how to track the status of the projects they are working on with customizable workflows, filtering, and multiple repositories in a single view.

To do this, Waffle lives in the middle of the developer ecosystem. It exposes the work they’re doing without extra work. It visualizes everything the software team cares about.

Caseflow is a public project by the Department of Veteran's Affairs. They are automating the tracking of their progress.

WaffleBot listens to cues in development workflows and automatically updates status and pull requests, reviews updates in real time, see progress and tracks goals with metrics, and organizes work with epics and dependencies. This saves developers hundreds of thousands of actions they otherwise would have to do manually

Waffle is empowering development teams through automation. This contributes to the team effort and the program initiative. Developers can Use Waffle and GitHub to check their work. It changes how developers and project managers work together and promotes flow for developers by letting them focus on coding rather than updating status and workflows.

We met with Andrew the same day Microsoft bought GitHub and Andrew was very excited since Microsoft has become more friendly to developers and the acquisition just exposes GitHub and Waffle to that many more developers.

A free trial is available at Waffle.io.

Deploy code to production now. Release to users when ready. Learn how to separate code deployment from user-facing feature releases with LaunchDarkly.

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