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Making a Pretty Pie (Chart) with the Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

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Making a Pretty Pie (Chart) with the Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

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Modern UI Apps Development - Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

"I’ve been hiding for a while working on what I consider a big step for modern applications to look nicer with more charts and ways to display data in controls

So as a matter of fact I successfully migrated the famous silverlight toolkit to be running on Windows 8 Modern UI applications.

Well, not everything is there yet since I’m migrating class-by-class while understanding how things are working on these huge components.

You can follow my project on CodePlex: http://modernuitoolkit.codeplex.com/

For now, you can find the bar, line, column chart and mixed series available, and I’m looking for people to join me on this as it’s a very big project and I believe that this is the most advanced charting control available for Windows 8 so far. With your help, it can be even better.



The main purpose for this is to build a set of reusable controls for Windows 8 Modern UI Development. The Primary Release will contain the PieChart that I developed earlier on:

main Controls
- Pie Chart
- ColumnChart
- Line Chart

With support of Multi Series and Stacked Charts
Samples in Action:


Nothing like pretty pie charts and graphs for our Modern UI Windows Store apps (where we also get the source and a chance to help out on the project!)


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